sexta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2008

CD Rr Disney (Do Blog Rr Disney)

1 Miranda Cosgove-Stay My baby
2 High School Musical 1-breaking free
3 High School Musical 3-High School Musical
4 Vanessa Hudgens-Sneaker Night
5 High School Musical 2-Everyday
6 Ashley Tisdale-never gonna give you up
7 Camp Rock-This is Me
8 Demi lovato-thats how you know
9 The Cheetah Girls-fuego(ingles)
10 Mitchell Musso-lean on me
11 Miley Cyrus-breakout
12 Emily Osment-once upon a dream
13 Jonas Brothers-burning up
14 Miley Cyrus-G.N.O
15 Demi Lovato-Get Back
16 The Cheetah Girls-one world

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